Monday, March 23, 2009

The End of the World - New Print From Keep Calm

THE END OF THE WORLD (REALLY BUILT TO LAST) is Paris-based artist Matthew Rose's latest surreal fantasy about the fragility of world we live in and the end of the world we've built. 
Based on an original collage from 2008, THE END OF THE WORLD, reports from the frontiers of the real and dream worlds, where foods and animals, naughty little boys and errant little girls enter into the visual field and run, jump, hang and float in and around an assortment of human narratives that are veering dangerously out of control. Like in life.
This work, and others in the series, will appear in Masters of Collage (Lark Publishing, USA) in May 2010 along with 40 other contemporary artists.
This full color print measures 25 x 25 cm, and also has a border for framing.  Signed and numbered in an edition of 85, the print, produced by Lalande Digital Art Press Paris costs 38 UK Pounds exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery.  Click here to go to Keep Calm Gallery to see detailed images and order.


mudhead said...

ooh i could get lost in there

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