Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bob Blackman's One Page Book Novels

Two new one-page books from UK artist and writer, Bob Blackman. Here are The Soul Transference & Necromancer's Trade Association and The Wormton Cat. Download the PDFs and then print them out at your home, A4 size.

Bob Blackman writes about the One Page Books: "I was looking for a promotional item for my media pack and reckon One Page Books are a brilliant way of introducing people to print-on-demand and self-publishing.

"I've designed them so they match the look of my novels. There's An Introductory One Page Book to the Self-Regulating, Incorporeal Professional Body, The Soul Transference and Necromancer's Trade Association, which supports The Horsepower Whisperer, and The Wormton Cat, which serves as a taster for The Wormton Lamb. Each novel and its associated One Page Book features the same colour co-ordinated go faster stripe."

The one-page book is one of the most elegant and economical ways to produce an eight page book, in A4 or A3 sizes (or US letter and larger sizes), by simple folding and a single cut. Perfect for artists, boutiques, and any sort of promotional efforts, a single one-sided print is all you need to create a fantastic piece for whatever you're doing – recipe books, agendas, product descriptions, catalogs, short stories, limited editions. Get in touch if you're interested in producing your own One Page Book with Lalande Digital Art Press Paris.

Click here to download Blackman's two books.