Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Le One Page Book - Falling Boy Books Collection

Free Collection of One Page Books from Falling Boy Books, A Division of Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. These little artist books are produced from a single page that is printed on one side, folded, then cut, then folded. They are free for you to print.

Click on the links below, download the books, print them, fold them, collect them. Interested in adding to the collection? Please get in touch. 

If you'd simply like to help spread the word, please link to this site and/or article on your own site or recommend it to a friend, colleague, artist book enthusiast or some like-minded blogger. We would like to obtain maximum exposure for the artists on this page. Merci beaucoup and all that stuff.

[A page from Winter, by Julie Sadler, right]

IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR By Matthew Rose (2007)
JOW By Musicmaster & John Bennett (2008)
VIA By French writer and artist Fred Griot (Also part of the Petit Papiers Collection, curated by Schmul).
Winter By American artist Julie Sadler.
RED CIRCLE By American artist Allan Revich.
VELVET by American artist Keith Buchholz.
CODEX Bab(b)el-On By Reid Wood (State of Being). Visit Reid Wood's Haven't-Garde Art.
Bob Blackman's One Page Book novels