Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Blue Ceiling at 59" : Danielle Voirin

Looking up: "Blue Ceiling at 59" by Danielle Voirin a new print by Lalande Digital Art Press is now available. The edition is unlimited and signed by Voirin; the work measures 60 cm x 80 cm, and is printed on 192 gram weight Epson Enhanced Matte paper.

Price : 100 euros HT. You can purchase using Paypal: Order here: LALANDE PRINTS. (This image by Voirin is © 2006-2007 and reproduction in any form, printed or used on the web is strictly prophibited unless permission is granted by Danielle Voirin).

59 Rue de Rivoli was one of the most well-known artist squats in Paris. The large hotel particulier along one of the busiest axes in Paris housed up to 30 artists at its peak and served as a hothouse for artistic invention for years. But the City of Paris wasn't terribly pleased with the situation and after a massive struggle moved the artists to another building in the 18th arrondisement.

Danielle Voirin befriended a dozen artists at 59 Rue de Rivoli and documented the interiors, exteriors of the squat and many of the artists who spent years there. "The 'Blue Ceiling' was taken when I spent two weeks photographing the squat and artists as they were moving across town," says Danielle. "The City of Paris had by then decided to close the building for 15 months of renovations starting last November. I don't know if the artists will ever move back. In anycase, that era is gone."

The blue-celinged room with its bare lightbulbs drawing lines across the molding is one of Danielle's favorites from the hundreds of photos she took of the squat. "I don't remember anything else about the space where I took this; I was always looking up at that Mediterranean blue."

"Blue Ceiling at 59" was exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre, through IVY Paris, and at Labo Photo Melco in the 19th where it was part of a portrait of 59 rue de Rivoli that paired black and white images of the artists with colorful shots of the building's interior.

To order this print – only 100 Euros – by Pay Pal or other means, contact Danielle Voirin directly.